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December 24, 2020

Best Party Makeup Artists in Panchkula

The official party season of the year is here and it’s time to get excited about our social calendars. With New Year bashes and get-togethers around the corner, it’s time to glam up suitably. It should be realized that party makeup is all about trying out different types of looks and catching up with the latest trends. It’s not a practice that you perform regularly, but when you do perform, you don’t want anything lesser than looking like a runaway model. 

Best Party Makeup Artists in Panchkula

In case you’re someone who already has her hairstyles and party outfits sorted out but are currently figuring out the type of makeup that you’ll be posing, then you’re at the correct place. In this article, we will be discussing in-depth party makeup, how it is different than bridal makeup, and the factors you should be considering before choosing a party makeup artist (MUA) in Panchkula. So, without further wasting any moment, let’s move forward.  

What is party makeup?

What is party makeup?

You might believe that a perfect party is only made by the addition of good music and good food. But, that’s certainly not the case because looking-good matters highly as well. Therefore, in simple words, ‘party makeup’ is a type of makeup that is carried out to look good for events and parties specifically. 

You must learn that party makeup can either be shimmery or simple, depending upon the theme, venue, and outfits. Furthermore, you can plan to get the party makeup done entirely by yourself or through an MUA (MakeUp Artist). 

The main focus of the makeup generally lies upon the cheekbones, eyes, and lips. Proper symmetry of the makeup color tones must be maintained, to get the best possible results. 

Best Party Makeup Artist in Panchkula

Garima Baranwal

Awarded as the ‘Best Makeup Artist in Chandigarh, Tricity’, Garima Baranwal is committed to transforming brides to their aesthetic best on their special day. She offers complete makeup services for all wedding occasions – bridal, engagement, party, and other special occasions.

it’s extremely important to know about the right kind of makeup that will suit your skin and overall personality. 

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Phone:- 76960 84453

Difference between party makeup and bridal makeup

Difference between party makeup and bridal makeup

The following are some of the most significant differences between bridal and party makeup that you need to learn about:

  1. Long-Lasting-ness

It should be remembered that while your lightweight foundation might be able to help you get you through your dinner party, bridal makeup needs to last a lot longer than that. For example, if your wedding is carried out on a beach, then the makeup should be done in such a manner that it can deflect the existing humidity of that place. Therefore, the need to look fresh is a must with bridal makeup compared to party makeup. 

  1. Lightness

Since party makeup doesn’t have to deal with long-lastingness, it’s generally lighter on the human skin compared to party makeup. What this means is that – it’s easy to remove party makeup later onwards compared to bridal makeup. Bridal makeup is considered to be heavier comparatively because of its complexity. 

  1. Time To Create

It should be perceived that party makeup can be done within a matter of minutes, compared to bridal makeup which can take more than an hour. It’s easy to pull off a subtle look for your dinner party but to create a clean, soft look for a bride is a challenge on a whole another level. Makeup artists need to spend more time with their clients when performing bridal makeup compared to party makeup. 

  1. Price

As you already know that the time to create party makeup is much lesser than bridal makeup, this means that the price you need to pay for the service will also be less. The cost of the makeup service is directly proportional to the kind of materials (or products) required along with the overall time spent on the task. Since party makeup takes up less time and products to pull off, the price will also be lesser. 

The average cost of party makeup in Panchkula

The average cost of party makeup in Panchkula

Before we reveal the average cost for party makeup in Panchkula, it’s essential to first note that the cost will vary according to the season of the year. For instance, if the party season is here, then the prices will be higher and vice-versa.

With that being said, the average prices for one session range between 6000 INR to 30,000 INR. 

Things to consider before choosing party makeup artists in Panchkula

Things to consider before choosing party makeup artists in Panchkula
  1. Check Out The Social Media

Most makeup artists nowadays have a social page (either on Facebook or Instagram) where they showcase their work. This is the digital age where you can quickly know whether a makeup artist will be the right fit for you, just by looking at his or her previous work. If you like what you see, then you should contact the person and get an appointment straight-away. 

  1. Look For Customer Reviews

Before you decide to choose a makeup artist for your party makeup needs, you must check the customer reviews for the said artist. Know what the previous clients are saying about the artist and whether they are recommending the service or not. You can easily find genuine customer reviews through Google, social media platforms, or other beauty forums online.

  1. Experience

A makeup artist’s experience is what separates a seasoned veteran from an amateur one. By experience, you need to know the years the artist has been in service along with the number of clients he or she has already served. This will help you get a good idea regarding the overall service that you can expect from the makeup artist. 

Before you plan to choose your artist, ensure that the artist at least has two to three years of experience under his or her belt. In that way, you can expect maximum reliability. 

  1. Price

One thing that you should always remember that – you get what you pay for. This means that if any makeup artist is asking you a much lesser price than what the current market demands, it’s always better to avoid the person altogether. This is because makeup products cost money and the only way a makeup artist can recoup the cost is by charging a standard fee for the services. But if the fee is much lower than the market average, it means that lower quality products are being used, which can be detrimental for the skin. 

Always choose an artist who prices his or her services moderately. 

  1. Personality 

You don’t want a makeup artist who is rude or hasty in his or her efforts. Instead, you want someone who is understanding and has the patience to work on your makeup needs. And that’s what defines a good personality for a makeup artist. 

  1. Quality Of Products

Poor quality of makeup products can cause skin problems and rashes, which is why when it comes to makeup products, you always need to choose the best out there. Ensure that the makeup artist uses good quality makeup products for his or her services. 


It’s not easy to find the ideal party makeup artist for your requirements, but with our extensive guide, we sincerely hope that you’ll have no problems in doing so. We also want to stress the fact that you should make an appointment with the makeup artist early in-advance so that there are no problems in scheduling. 

Moreover, if you require direct-to-home services, you can always ask the makeup artist for the same. It might need some extra monetary compensation, but will be worth it. 

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