What is party makeup?
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December 14, 2020

Best Party Makeup Artists in Chandigarh

There’s no doubt that enjoying a fun night out with your friends or family members is always incomplete without proper makeup. Therefore, having a perfect makeup kit along with the relevant makeup tips can indeed create a lot of difference. It should be realized that your outfit is as much as important as your makeup.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to wear but your makeup kit should contain some of the basic items such as concealer, lipstick, eyeliner, and much-needed foundation cream. Moreover, the makeup artist that you’ll be selecting should not only have the above-mentioned products but also the skill to use them as well. 

With that being said, we are sharing the names of some of the best party makeup artists in Chandigarh that you can look forward to. These professionals will be able to help you show off your natural beauty in the best possible manner with a hint of added assistance. So, without wasting much, let’s get down to the details. 

What is party makeup?

What is party makeup?

A ‘party makeup’ can be defined as a kind of makeup that is applied to a client’s face who is attending some kind of celebration. The celebration can be a child’s birthday party or anyone’s wedding ceremony. It should be perceived that there’s no concept of heavy or simple-type of party makeup. The makeup is done just to be a part of the occasion and not be everyone’s center of attraction. 

Therefore, the party makeup that you’ll be obtaining will depend on the kind of occasion you’re attending. The main aim of the party makeup is to make you look beautiful and attractive. 

List of top 5 Party makeup in Chandigarh

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1.Garima Baranwal

Awarded as the ‘Best Makeup Artist in Chandigarh, Tricity’, Garima Baranwal is committed to transforming brides to their aesthetic best on their special day. She offers complete makeup services for all wedding occasions – bridal, engagement, party, and other special occasions.Her work has been featured in various publications around the world.

Garima Baranwal has done certification in makeup from Dubai, and professionally trained and Certified Makeup Artist in North India. With experience of 6 years in the industry, Garima Baranwal is known for distinctive makeup looks and an ability to make a bride look her best while accentuating her natural features. 

Garima’s passion and unique makeup skills have awarded her as ‘Best Makeup Artist in Chandigarh, Tricity’ by Bollywood actress ‘Urvashi Rautella’. Some of her projects include PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2018, Chandigarh, Pantaloons face of Ludhiana, and other bridal makeup assignments across North India. 

Contact details

Phone- 76960 84453


2.Ranjna Mishra’s Belleza

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ranjna Belleza is a highly professional makeup artist who lives in Chandigarh. Straight from her childhood, she was always fascinated with makeup. The parlor was established in the year 1990. It should be perceived that she always uses good quality products that are also budget-friendly for the common people.

There’s no chance of compromise in her work and she can be requested to travel to wedding destinations (in case of an important event). The parlor offers all types of services including makeup for engagement, parties, and even bridal makeup. There’s also the chance to approach her for a nail polish change, hair extensions, saree draping, and so on. 

Contact Details

Phone: 99152 07099, 89683 38965

Address: SCO-70, Sector-40 C, 1st Floor, Chandigarh-160036

Email: N/A

Surkhab Anjum (Makeup Artist)

Surkhab Anjum is a makeup artist who has been trained in Dubai and therefore has set up her shop in Chandigarh to provide makeup services to other women. Her motto is that – the makeup of the client will depend on the personality of that person. This means that she always believes in enhancing the inner beauty of the said person.

However, it should be realized that there are no such trial options. Before the application of the makeup, the artist always takes into consideration the overall skin-tone of the client. Besides, she can also travel to event destinations as per the client’s requirements. The parlor is known for great customer service support and clients can not only approach her for party makeup needs but also for bridal makeup requirements too. 

Contact Details

Phone: 99159 26801

Address: Chandigarh, Sector-6, Panchkula, Pin Code -134109

Email: N/A

Rabia (Makeup Artist)

In case you’re planning to hire a makeup artist who has already worked for multiple celebrities out there, then this should be your option in Chandigarh. Rabia has already worked with actors such as VJ Anusha, Dia Mirza, and Minissha Lamba. Moreover, she has also worked for fashion shows held by popular women’s apparel companies such as Vero Moda & Forever 21.

She not only provides her services in India but abroad in Australia. However, she only works directly from her parlor and therefore doesn’t visit any client venues. If you didn’t know, she has won numerous awards for her work and has been featured in lifestyle magazines such as Harper & Vogue. You can opt for party makeup, bridal makeup, draping, hair styling, and so on. 

Contact Details

Phone: +614025 64806, +9198149 22212

Address: Chandigarh

Email: rabia.makeupartist@gmail.com 

Fine Makeup Artist By Simi Thakur

Simi Thakur is one of the major makeup artists out there who does not shy away from using and experimenting with various types of products and styles. Most importantly, she also ensures that at the end of the day, her client still looks elegant & chic.

The makeup artist is known for her astounding & amazing party and bridal makeup works. Additionally, the prices charged are minimal and pertain to the budget of her client. There’s no compromise on the quality of work that is being done and she travels to customer destinations as well. You also get the option for paid trials, in case you just want to try out her work. 

Contact Details

Phone: 76667 78899

Address: Sector 17, Chandigarh

Email: N/A

Prerna Khullar

It should be perceived that Prerna Khullar is an extremely passionate makeup artist and she acts as a nutritionist too. She has been professionally trained under one of the most renowned makeup artists from Los Angeles, USA, known as Dominic Cruz.

The main ideology of her is to create a look for her client that seems like an extension of that person’s personality. She is very well-known for her makeup jobs for parties and weddings. Moreover, she only prefers to use high-quality products for her needs. There’s a paid trial option for those who are skeptical of her work. You can obtain all kinds of makeup services from her, including hair styling and airbrush makeup. 

Contact Details

Phone: 099888 80790

Address: Chandigarh

Email: info.prernakhullar@gmail.com 

Difference between PARTY makeup and BRIDAL makeup

The following are some of the most substantial differences between party makeup and bridal makeup needs,

  1. The Occasion

When it comes to party makeup, you generally wear it when going to parties or other events such as get-together or birthday ceremonies. The makeup job is done in such a manner that it only pertains to making you look attractive, but not something over the top. On the other hand, bridal makeup is done primarily for wedding ceremonies, where the main focus is put on the bride as well as her bridesmaid. 

  1. The Complexity

It should be realized that creating party makeup for a client is much easier than doing bridal makeup. Since the main objective of doing party makeup is to just look good yourself in the mirror, the task is not that huge or massive. It can be done quite easily without much sweat. But, the same thing cannot be said for bridal makeup because bridal makeup takes time to be completed. The overall complexity is miles above party makeup. 

  1. The Challenges

You must remember that each bride has different needs when it comes to bridal makeup and therefore the makeup artist needs to consult with her/his client for the same. Therefore, when the makeup artist has to meet the specific demands of the bride, the overall number of challenges increase as a result.

There can be specific products that might be needed for the task or even equipment. However, with party makeup, the kind of challenges that are faced are way too less compared to bridal makeup. This is because the process is very straightforward and there’s not much deviation from the main procedure. Furthermore, the needs of the client will also be on the lesser side. 

  1. The Cost

This is an obvious difference that you need to understand because party makeup doesn’t require the same amount of budget as that of bridal makeup. And that is because of the products that are used for the procedure.

In party makeup, since the client has very fewer requirements, the makeup artist doesn’t have to use specific products to meet the desired results. On the other hand, bridal makeup requires time & creativity to be completed, while also requiring better makeup products in the process. Such a move instantly drives the price up and thus the budget is set higher in terms of bridal makeup. 

  1. The Travel

Generally, when the need for party makeup arises, the client conveniently visits the parlor of the makeup artist and gets the job done then and there. Rarely the client has to call the makeup artist at her home. But, the same cannot be said for bridal makeup because when it comes to weddings, the makeup artist has to mostly travel to the wedding venue and then get the makeup done.

This is a major differential because traveling not only gets time-consuming but also requires a better budget. 

  1. The Appointment

Since bridal makeup is already time-consuming, you’ll need to create an appointment much before the actual day of the wedding with the makeup artist to be able to avail of the services. Bridal makeup takes dedication & commitment to be completed, which cannot be said for party makeup.

When opting for party makeup, you generally don’t have to make appointments with the makeup artist. Even if you have to create an appointment, the urgency will be much lower than that of bridal makeup requirements. 

Cost of party makeup in Chandigarh

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The overall cost of doing party makeup in Chandigarh widely varies from one parlor to another. The average price ranges from around 2500 INR to a maximum of 30,000 INR per person. Of course, the more established makeup artists will always charge more than the others because of their name & reputation, but there are also some budget options out there that you can choose according to your requirements. 

The first thing that you should be doing is to learn about your preferences and then use the same to find a suitable makeup artist. There are multiple options out there and there should be no issues finding one that you like. 


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There’s no doubt that if you’re planning to attend a special event, you need to look special as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to choosing party makeup artists in Chandigarh. At the end of the heyday, what matters is the result.

That’s why we have handpicked some of the best options in Chandigarh that you depend on. We always value your time and hard-earned money, and that’s why each of the above-mentioned options will be an excellent choice. 

Always ensure that you make appointments beforehand because, in this day & age, you cannot expect anyone to waste their crucial time on useless things. Moreover, plan to look at the previous works done by the makeup artist that you’re deciding to hire, which will provide you with a rough calculation of what you can expect from the service provider. If you have any special requirements, be sure to let the makeup artist know about the same in advance because special needs will cost you an additional budget. 

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